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Avoid the terrible day-after consequences of going over the top with alcohol thanks to Hang Over. Record all your drunk episodes and learn from the past

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A hangover is a painful feeling that usually visits us the morning after drinking too much alcohol. We all know that we could avoid it by being careful about how much we drink... but who things about the next day? That's why Hang Over offers us the solution to avoid hangovers without giving up drinking.

Learn how to associate your hangovers to a type of drunkenness.

Its method is based on trial and error, as the more drunk episodes and hangovers you have, the easier it will be to determine which alcoholic diet is less harmful for your next-day aspirations. And you'll manage to do so by keeping track of everything you drank.

How does this method to prevent hangovers work?

  • Indicate the amount of drinks of each type that you had the night before.
  • Rate the havoc caused by your hangover.
  • Check the log of previous drunk nights and find out which ones were more or less painful.

The formula is quite clear: write down what we drink and its impact the next morning. Obviously, this method is only useful if we don't overdo it too much and we can't even remember how much we drank...

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 3.0.
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