Hello Neighbor 2


Hello Guest is the demo for what appears to be Hello Neighbor 2, a stealth horror adventure which begins in a run-down, spooky, abandoned fairground

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Hello Neighbor, developed independently, has turned out to be one of the biggest hits in recent years within the stealth horror adventure genre. Its storyline revolved around moving into a new neighborhood where there was a rather scary and mysterious neighbor. And of course, what would be a better idea than to break into his home to see what he is hiding?

Hello Guest, the sequel to Hello Neighbor

This is the name that Hello Neighbor 2 also goes by. It is a game that once again immerses us in a mysterious atmosphere and where we will have to once again snoop around to see what we can discover about our neighbor without him noticing and things ending badly for us. This time the adventure begins in a cabin located in a lonely, run-down, abandoned, small-town fairground with a range of rides and which is surrounded by forest. We will have to get out of there without getting caught by a monster.

For now it is a demo from Dynamic Pixels and we don't know any other details, like the most important detail of all: the release date of the definitive version of Hello Neighbor 2.

Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Dynamic Pixels
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This year
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