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The universe awaits us in Infinite Galaxy, an extraordinary strategy game with incredible graphics where we will have to conquer the galaxy from our phones


Manage a space fleet to explore the galaxy

June 27, 2024
8 / 10

In galaxy year 4649, the Old Federation was defeated. Now, the cruel reign of the Empire is looming over the abyss. With space borders more unstable than ever, private traders and space pirates travel the universe at will. The rebel groups are ready to join an epic battle.

Meanwhile, a crew commander has discovered the Mysterious Battleships belonging to an ancient space race. And that is where our story begins.

A space adventure of epic proportions

Infinite Galaxy is a fantastic multiplayer strategy game with amazing 3D graphics that draws directly from the source of the classic sagas: Star Wars and Star Trek. Our mission here is to manage a spaceport from which we can build our own fleet to join the combat.

The next time the Empire shows its sharp teeth, an endless war will break out again.

As soon as the APK file is downloaded, the game throws us right into a comprehensive tutorial that helps us familiarize ourselves with our crew members, the controls, and the story. From here, we will have to manage the resources to explore the galaxy and conquer it. Of course, we will also have to manage our ship, recruit new crew members, research technologies, and build different facilities.

In short, fans of management games will find here a real gem to enjoy in a portable format. It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but the development and the graphics are worth it.

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