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Download Kaspersky RannohDecryptor for free to recover files blocked by this ransomware. Decrypt files thanks to the features of Kaspersky RannohDecryptor


Recover files blocked by the Rannoh ransomware

January 3, 2022
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Among the many viruses and malware that roam the web, Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rannoh is causing real problems. It is the malware behind multiple cases that block the computer and demand a ransom to recover it. With the ransom page changing depending on the country. Kaspersky RannohDecryptor is a tool capable of fighting against this threat for computers.

This trojan is capable of encrypting the computer's files and blocking any access to them. The solution is Kasperksy RannohDecryptor, that will take care of decrypting the key with which the files have been blocked and returning them to their original status for the user to use.


  • Unblock files encrypted by the Rannoh ransomware.
  • Easily control the tool by means of its GUI.

How to use it

Kaspersky RannohDecryptor needs an original file that is larger than 4,096kb and the encrypted file to start working. Once you've indicated where both files can be found, it will compare them in search for the password that is necessary to decrypt the blocked file. After this operation you will need to reboot the system.

If the Rannoh ransomware is blocking your files, download Kaspersky RannohDecryptor for free to recover them.

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