With KeepNote you will be able to take note with rich-text format and links or attachments and order them. Download KeepNote to access an advanced notepad

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KeepNote is an advanced product to take all sorts of notes and reminders that you will then be able to store hierarchically. These compilations of notes can contain rich-text formatting and can even have other files attached to complete the information.

A notepad and note organizer.


  • Write notes and reminders of any type, edit them freely and organize them hierarchically.
  • Store the information in HTML and XML format.
  • Rich-text with lists, color fonts, images and hyperlinks.
  • Attach all kinds of files.
  • Integrates a complete text search engine.
  • Create backups of your notes.
  • Spellchecker.
  • Autosave functions.
  • Eliminated files bin.

KeepNote's interface looks like that of any traditional text editor. The only difference is on the left-hand size, where you'll be able to browse between notes and organize them, structuring them into folders. The rest of the interface is made up by the writing area and all the essential tools that an editor should include: fonts, line spacing, text alignment...

Order all your relevant information

Don't miss any personal information or important notes. KeepNote is a fantastic system to create them and check them whenever it is required. Download KeepNote for free.

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