Comparison LDPlayer vs BlueStacks: pros and cons

LDPlayer and BlueStacks are quite similar just like the rest of Android emulators in the sense that they both work as a virtual machine of this mobile operating system. Furthermore, they both offer us the possibility to download apps straight from the program or load APK files by simply dragging them to the main interface.

Nevertheless, BlueStacks offers us a few more advantages than LDPlayer regarding some of their functions and features. For instance, LDPlayer runs a much older Android version than BlueStacks, specifically version 5.1, which means that there will be quite a few games and apps that we won’t be able to run if they demand a higher version. On the contrary, BlueStacks is already offering since January 2018 version 7.1.1, also known as Android Nougat, which means that despite not being the latest edition of this operating system, it does let us run any application available at present.

Another aspect to be taken into account are the languages available. BlueStacks has been translated into several different languages including Spanish, French or Italian, whilst LDPlayer is available in fewer languages, such as English or Portuguese.

Neither can we forget that BlueStacks is very popular amongst its users and, therefore, updates much more regularly, offering us a much more stable performance due to the fact that it has a rather large development team that helps to keep it constantly up to date and working much more efficiently that the rest of its competitors, and that also goes for Andy, YouWave or GenyMotion, not only LDPlayer.