Legend of Princess

Legend of Princess is a version of the classic Zelda video game by Nintendo. Download Legend of Princess and help the character to eliminate the enemies


Entertaining game based on Zelda

September 28, 2010
7 / 10

Legend of Princess is a classic style game based on Zelda. Its author doesn't hide this fact, and the truth is that the entertainment and originality of this development confirm it. With a development similar to games like Ghosts'n Goblins, Legend of Princess offers a quick and entertaining game.

A classic Zelda-like video game

As if it were one of the old arcade video games it follows that kind of design and with a set of pixels that are really well designed, this game is very entertaining. At the start of the game, we can choose the weapons with which we will fight against all kinds of enemies.

The game is really short, the truth is that the author states that he only developed it as a tribute to one of his favorite RPGs. As in any game of this kind, the final enemies are terrible, and the puzzles that we have to complete before we can advance in some phases are more or less easy depending on the skill of your fingers.

To sum up, if you liked the classic arcade games and you like the fantastic world of Zelda, we are sure that Legend of Princess will be a real worthwhile discovery for you.

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