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LibreOffice provides us with tools to work with documents: a text processor, a spreadsheet tool, a database manager and a program to create slideshows

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If you're used to working with freeware, you'll surely know LibreOffice. It's an office suite that was created after OpenOffice was sold to Oracle, and is based on the latter. LibreOffice offers you all the tools necessary to work with documents, as well being totally free and open source.

LibreOffice: the office suite that the community had been dreaming about for 12 years.

Programs included in the LibreOffice packet

  • Writer: complete text processor with everything you need to create your text documents.
  • Calc: spreadsheet software. Includes graphs and analysis tools that will simplify your tasks.
  • Impress: to create slideshows as easy and fast as possible. It allows you to insert texts, images, videos or audio so that your multimedia presentations are impeccable.
  • Draw: tool to create drawings, diagrams and whatever you can think of. It even allows you to create 3D illustrations.
  • Base: software for the creation of databases.
  • Math: application used for the creation and edition of all sorts of equations.

Furthermore, with LibreOffice you can also create PDF files very easily.

Don't think twice and download LibreOffice right now. It's a tool that can't be missing on your Linux.

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