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Immerse yourself in a beautiful story in Luna Story, a beautiful puzzle game application where we will have to solve lots of nonograms in full color


A beautiful journey through nonograms

December 9, 2020
7 / 10

Legend has it that a cursed guardian of the moon protected the flower of a tree that only appeared on nights of a blue crescent moon. But the history of the castle Nobilruna has been forgotten and only the guardian remembers it. Now, the flowers have begun to wilt, and only we can help them by finding the figures of old in this beautiful game of puzzles and nonograms.

Relax by solving beautiful puzzles

The Floralmong Company studio proposes a magical journey through space and time in Luna Story, a beautiful game of nonograms, also known as picross, griddlers, or hanjie. These are beautiful puzzles that are especially relaxing.

Why do you not travel to a beautiful and sentimental story hidden in the puzzle?

Playing is as simple as coloring a grid following a numerical code. In each row and column, we will see one or more figures, which indicate the number of squares we will have to color. In the end, we will get a drawing.

The interesting thing about this game is that it is divided into two sections: normal and large. In the normal levels, we will discover a complete figure after solving each puzzle. A very cool detail of these puzzles is that they are in color, something unusual in the games of the genre.

On the other hand, in each of the levels of the large section, we will discover a fragment of a figure until completing a large drawing. Also, the levels have several difficulties, finding boards from 5 x 5 up to 20 x 20 (the larger, the more complex).

All this is complemented by a very careful interface, beautiful graphics, and a terrific soundtrack, ideal to relax and let us go to this magical fairytale world. And the best thing is that the download of the APK file is completely free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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