Magic Academy 2

In Magic Academy 2 you take on the role of a candidate to Counselor to solve the enigma behind the vanishing of a magical treatise. Download Magic Academy 2

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The robbery in the Tirisfal Fortress of an important book, called "The Treatise of Light and Darkness", can plunge the world in the most absolute chaos. In Magic Academy 2 it will be Irene, a stubborn and courageous candidate to Counselor, who will be in charge of solving the mystery that surrounds this disappearance.

  Magic Academy 2 is a video game in which we have to search for hidden objects on various screens, that will later have to be used to accomplish the different missions that we have been entrusted.

  During the entire adventure, you will move around different scenarios full of mysticism, and you will meet different characters that will require that you fulfill tasks to help you reach your final objective: find the evil thief that has stolen the magical treatise and avoid that the demons invade the world.

  Will Irene manage to find the real person behind the theft of the treatise? Will she obtain the approval of Lord Nort to become a Counselor? Will she manage to avoid that Darkness and Chaos threaten the world? Discover it in Magic Academy 2.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo can be played for 1 hour. It is necessary to input an email address during the installation. Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
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