Mario Bros & Luigi

Mario & Luigi are the most important characters of Nintendo. Download Mario Bros & Luigi for free and play this classic platform video game on your PC

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Mario Bros are part of video gaming history since the mid-eighties, and since then, Mario has been the main character of at least a dozen games.

Install on your PC a classic in video-gaming history

The most popular Italian-American plumber has not only been the main character in platform games, he has taken part in his own Olympic Games, played tennis, he has fought against other important characters from the Nintendo games, but it must be said that he has always done his best when it came the time to save Princess Peach.

On this occasion we'll be accompanied by his brother Luigi, that will help us save the Princess jumping from platform to platform, clearing levels that will start getting more and more complicated as we reach more levels. You have to wipe out all your enemies and find the bonuses that are hidden in some of the pipes.

Mario Bros & Luigi makes the most of the platform genre and allows us to relive one of the characteristic games of the beginning of the '90s completely free.

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