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If you are still using the old SMS of your Android, it is time to use the Mei app as it offers new functions that will improve your communications

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New mobile messaging systems have made more traditional systems outdated. SMS and MMS are obsolete, while apps like Mei modernize this system with artificial intelligence functions so we can keep taking advantage of its functionalities. The folders and tags of this app are specially designed to sort your messages and offer you an optimized experience. In this way, the messages you receive will be automatically organized under these categories:

  • All.
  • Chats.
  • Groups.
  • Spam.
  • Unread.
  • Blocked.

Additionally, you can create your own custom tags. On the other hand, this app allows you to send emojis and audios, as well as share all kinds of content, such as photos, videos, contacts, and location, just like in other messaging apps that do not use the SMS system. You can also take photos from the app and send them to whoever you want.

It also includes different themes to customize the interface and make it as user-friendly as possible. Finally, this application is under development and is now being prepared to offer more features, such as message scheduling and chats.

Forget about your basic SMS application and download a messaging application that combines IA and the best of messaging applications.

Artificial intelligence applied to SMS

In addition, Mei is equipped with an artificial intelligence wizard that can be activated and deactivated as you wish to interpret the messages from your contacts. In this way, the wizard will help you better understand them, offering you advice so that you can communicate more effectively with them.

The algorithm will be able to indicate if the other person has feelings towards you and analyze the personality of the contact, but this feature requires you to invest credits that, of course, you will have to buy with real money. Surely this idea would be much more successful with apps like WhatsApp, but it is a very cool initiative, although with a weak scientific basis.

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