In Minecraft, there are lots of enchantments that we can assign to our weapons and armor. Among them, is the Curse of Vanishing, an enchantment that has its pros and cons.

What is the Curse of Vanishing?

The Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment that makes the enchanted weapon or armor disappear once we die in the game. As a result, if a player kills us, the item cannot be stolen from us, as it will disappear forever.

On the other hand, if for example, we were killed by a Creeper, the Curse of Vanishing curse will affect us negatively because when we return to the area where we died, the weapons and armor that we have enchanted with the Curse of Vanishing curse will not be available to us either.

How to curse an item

To be able to perform enchantments, you need to create an Enchanting Table first. This table can be crafted if we have the following materials available:

  • 1 book
  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 obsidian blocks
Crafting an enchanting tableCrafting an enchanting table

When crafting, the materials should be arranged as follows:

  • Front row: Nothing on the sides, book in the middle.
  • Second row: One diamond on each side, one obsidian block in the middle.
  • Third row: Three obsidian blocks.

With the enchantment table crafted, you will be able to apply enchantments. By tapping on the table, a screen will appear where you must enter the object to be enchanted (above) along with several units of lapis lazuli (below). By doing so, you will see the available enchantments.

Making enchantmentsMaking enchantments

However, the enchantments that will appear are kind of random, it can be the vanishing enchantment or any other, adding up to a total of three different enchantments to use. You have to try several different weapons and have some luck to get the curse enchantment to appear. It should be noted that one way to make better enchantments appear is to surround the enchantment table with bookshelves.

Enchanting an object with the book of enchantment and an anvil

There is another way to produce an enchantment on a weapon. It is about getting the book of the specific enchantment, in this case, the Curse of Vanishing. To get an enchanted book, we can choose to use the enchantment table by placing a normal book. In this case, it is not necessary to put lapis lazuli for crafting. On the other hand, enchanted books can also be found in chests, bought with emeralds from a villager, or obtained by fishing with a rod.

Once you have the enchanted book you want, in addition to the weapon or object you want to enchant, you must use an anvil. If you do not have the anvil, these are the necessary materials to create one:

  • 3 iron blocks
  • 4 iron bars

From a crafting table, you must place them in the following order:

  • First row: 3 iron blocks.
  • Second row: An iron bar in the center.
  • Third row: 3 iron bars.
Crafting an anvilCrafting an anvil

With the anvil already crafted, now it is time to use it to enchant a weapon. In the first space, you must place the object to be enchanted, while in the second, the book with the enchantment. The weapon will be enchanted very easily.

With the anvil and an enchanted book, you can enchant a weaponWith the anvil and an enchanted book, you can enchant a weapon

Which objects can have the Curse of Vanishing?

A total of 23 different objects can receive the Curse of Vanishing. Let's see them below.

  • Helmet
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • Hoe
  • Trident
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Shield
  • Elytra
  • Shears
  • Flint and Steel
  • Compass
  • Fishing Rod
  • Carrot on a Stick
  • Warped Fungus on a Stick
  • Pumpkin
  • Head
  • Turtle Shell