How to tame horses in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are many domestic animals, and among them, are horses, that can be domesticated. Let us explain step by step how to do it.

Finding a horse

Of course, before taming a horse, we must first find it. Horses are found in flat grassland areas. It is also possible to find them in villages within the stables. There are different colors of horses and you can tame any of them, so you can choose the one you like the most among those you find.

Horse in a villageHorse in a village

Taming the horse

Once you have found the horse, the next step is to tame it. To do this, you must get very close to it and tap on Mount. The first few times, the horse will resist being ridden, but after several attempts, you will get the horse to not mind being ridden. You can also try giving them carrots or other vegetables to gain their trust.

Tap on Mount to start trying to tame the horseTap on Mount to start trying to tame the horse

Changing the seat

Once tamed, it is time to ride it with a saddle. To do so, get on the horse and tap on the inventory menu; it will appear with a different design than your character's inventory. From this menu, you can select a mount from your inventory and place it in the corresponding box on the horse. You can also put armor on it and even paint it.

Mounts can be found in dungeon or village chests, while armor appears in Nether chests and Desert Temple chests.

Saddling a horse allows you to ride itSaddling a horse allows you to ride it

Riding the horse

After you put a saddle on your new horse, it will obey your instructions by moving in the direction you want it to go on the touch screen, just as you do when you walk with Alex or Steve. When riding a horse, you will be able to go faster on the ground as well as jump much higher than with the main character of the game.