Download Minicraft to your PC for free and manage to be the last survivor standing. Minicraft is an action game in which you have to explore a 2D world

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Minicraft is a kind of 2D Minecraft with a well-defined aim: to be the only person remaining in this gridded world.

Alone forever.

This is an action game categorized in the Roguelike genre, in which you have to explore and interact with the different elements you come across. Playing the game is as easy as using:

  • Cursors to move around.
  • 'C' to attack.
  • 'X' to open your inventory.

What can you do in Minicraft?

While you walk around the settings of Minicraft you'll be able to pick up minerals, cut trees and build a place for shelter. You'll also have to face zombies to be able to survive. Don't forget your goal: manage to be alone forever in the world of Minicraft.

About Minicraft

This action game was developed for Ludum Dare by Markus Persson in 48 hours for a coding contest. Download Minicraft for free and find out why such a simple game is so addictive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Java.
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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