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Miseria is a black and white puzzle game where we will have to guide Lurk the urchin to escape from the claws of the spider ogre and return with his love

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The kids from the RatJar Games studio take us into a creepy world where the evil spider ogre Grunzel spins his threads at will. His latest misdeed has been to catch Lurk, a very angry urchin, who has been separated from his love.

But Grunzel likes to play with his food before devouring it and will subject our protagonist to the traps of a terrifying maze before feasting on his flesh. Fortunately, we will be able to help the urchin so the lovers may meet again.

Exquisite black and white puzzle game

The first thing that catches the eye of this game is its elegant aesthetics, clearly inspired by the designs of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey. Miseria is a wonderful black and white puzzle game with a very simple control system: just tap the screen in the direction you want the maze to go.

Lurk will then roll sideways and we'll have to help him reach the vortex to escape. We'll face more than 80 levels with mazes full of obstacles and traps. But we'll also be able to collect items that will help us harm this terrible spider.

We will have limited time to reach the exit in each level, but the less time we take, the more points we will get. Also, we'll have to be careful not to fall into any of the traps or out of the maze, or we'll end up in Grunzel's jaws and have to start all over again. In other words: in addition to solving puzzles, we will also have to rely on our reflexes and strategy.

This is a game with a fantastic and dark aesthetic, using the color palette to present us with a world that matches the sinister atmosphere of the story. Do you dare to download the APK file and help Lurk find the way out and get revenge on this monstrous spider?

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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Laura Stutt
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