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Mortar Clash 3D is a war game in which you will become an artilleryman in control of a cannon with which you will destroy enemy positions and troops

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Mortar Clash 3D is a war game in first-person that will turn you into a gunner who controls a cannon with which you will have to attack your enemies' installations and defend yourself from their land and air attacks.

Aim true and fire fast

This game is based on a very simple premise, the most basic of any action and shooting game: shoot your enemy before he shoots you. So, prepare your cannon well, take aim at your target, and open fire in order to reduce it to ashes.

You will control a mortar positioned in a fortified post and direct its orientation and firing angle, which will define the trajectory and distance of the shot. The difficulty is progressive, so it will gradually increase through the levels meaning that there will be more types of targets to shoot at and more strategy involved when choosing what to target first.

The game is set during the Second World War, so the buildings as well as the tanks and aircraft that launch attacks on you are based on that conflict.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Matchingham Games
6 months ago
98.7 MB

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