The best war games for Android

The best selection of war games for Android devices, which also include real-time combat and strategy titles. Lead your own army into the final battle!

Warpath 0.18.14 English
Warpath 0.18.14

Fight in an alternative WWII

Call of Duty: Strike Team 1.0.40 English

Call of Duty designed for tablets and smartphones

Cover Fire 1.21.1 English
Cover Fire 1.21.1

Intense action-packed shooting game

Brothers in Arms 3 1.5.2a English

Acclaimed World War II shooter

Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz 1.72.12 English

Take part in intense naval battles

World War Heroes: WW2 1.22.5 English

Get stuck into the Second World War

Annelids 1.115.2 English
Annelids 1.115.2

Take part in this bloody worm war

Atlantic Fleet 1.12 English

Impressive multiplayer naval battles

Warship Battle 3.1.8 English

Experience World War II aboard your own battleship

War Commander: Rogue Assault 4.17.0 English

Warfare strategy game in 3D

Modern Warplanes 1.13.0 English

Multi-player warplane game

Tanks A Lot! 2.65 English

3v3 multiplayer tank game

Tank Heroes 1.8.0 English

Fun tank and shooting game

Valiant Hearts: The Great War 1.0.1 English

Excellent adaptation of WWI for Android

Tank Battles 1.1.4a English
Tank Battles 1.1.4a

Addictive tank destruction game

Battle Tanks 4.50.3 English
Battle Tanks 4.50.3

Impressive 10v10 tank battles

Sky Baron: War of Planes 3.15 English

Flight simulator and FPS set in the First World War

WW1 Battle Simulator 1.06 English

Epic war battles with funny graphics

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces 1.3 English

Fly over the battlefields with your fighter plane in WW1

Enemy Waters 1.139 English

Defeat your enemies in epic naval battles

1942 Pacific Front 1.7.2 English

Naval battles in the Pacific in the middle of World War II

You Sunk 3.7.3 English
You Sunk 3.7.3

Sink all the battleships with your submarine

War Troops 1917 1.23 English

Strategy game inspired by World War I trench combat

Navy Field 5.6.7 English
Navy Field 5.6.7

Become the captain of a battleship in World War II

1944 Burning Bridges 1.5.3 English

Strategic military missions in World War II

WW2: Strategy Commander 2.6.2 English

War strategy simulator set at the IIGM

Road to Valor 2.19.1578.47125 English
Road to Valor 2.19.1578.47125

Choose your side and fight in World War II

World War 2 2.6.5 English

The end of World War II depends on you

Call of War 0.86 English

Strategy game in real-time based on WW2

Carpet Bombing 2.33 English

Bomb your enemies from your plane

Air Attack 2 1.4.2 English

Shoot 'em up set in World War II

Massive Warfare 1.51.183 English
Massive Warfare 1.51.183

War game in which we can operate helicopters, tanks and ships

Major Mayhem 9 English

Immerse yourself in a frantic action game driven by love

League of War: Mercenaries 9.10.0 English

Build an extraordinary army and enjoy impressive war battles

Ace Fighter 2.57 English

Conquer the skies in exciting multiplayer air battles

Modern Air Combat 5.2.0 English

Take part in realistic air combat

World Warships Combat 1.0.13 English

Take part in exciting naval battles on real ships

Pacific Warships 0.9.248 English

Command your own fleet of navy warships

Invasion Ghosts 1.42.97 English

Lead your troops in this war game

Steel Rage 0.155 English
Steel Rage 0.155

Multiplayer War Car Game