The best war games for Android

The best selection of war games for Android devices, which also include real-time combat and strategy titles. Lead your own army into the final battle!

World of Tanks Blitz English

A great tank simulator with shooting and strategy elements

Stick War: Legacy 2022.1.24 English

The war between stickmen

Brothers in Arms 3 1.5.4a English

World War II shooter

Conflict of Nations: World War 3 0.136 English

World War III comes to smartphones

War Robots 8.1.1 English
War Robots 8.1.1

Real-time war robot game

The PDF Game 70 English

Shoot the perverse military

Call of Duty: Strike Team 1.0.40 English

Call of Duty designed for tablets and smartphones

World War Heroes: WW2 1.30.2 English

Get stuck into the Second World War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War 1.0.1 English

Excellent adaptation of WWI for Android

Annelids 1.115.11 English
Annelids 1.115.11

Take part in this bloody worm war

Atlantic Fleet 1.12 English

Impressive multiplayer naval battles

Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz 1.72.12 English

Take part in intense naval battles

Modern Warplanes 1.20.1 English

Multi-player warplane game

Ace Fighter 2.59 English

Conquer the skies in exciting multiplayer air battles

The Glorious Resolve 1.9.9 English

FPS war by land and air

Cover Fire 1.21.22 English
Cover Fire 1.21.22

Intense action-packed shooting game

Army Commander 0.8 English

Lead your army and conquer enemy territory

Tank Riders 2 1.0.6 English
Tank Riders 2 1.0.6

Use your tank to wipe out the enemies you come across

Blitz Brigade 3.6.2a English

Shoot the hell out of your mates or strangers

Super Tank Rumble 4.8.13 English

A peculiar war game in which you have to build your own tank

Gerand 0.8 English
Gerand 0.8

2D tank game with solo and multiplayer gameplay

Massive Warfare 1.54.202 English
Massive Warfare 1.54.202

War game in which we can operate helicopters, tanks and ships

1945 Air Force 9.58 English

Pilot fighter jets in this classic arcade game

INFINITY OPS 1.11.0 English

Multiplayer FPS set in the future

Frontline Commando 2 3.0.4 English

Discover the second instalment of this popular shooter

Call of War 0.131 English

Strategy game in real-time based on WW2

Tank Battles 1.1.4a English
Tank Battles 1.1.4a

Addictive tank destruction game

Wing Fighter 1.7.23 English
Wing Fighter 1.7.23

Fly a fighter plane and destroy all your enemies

Stickman World War 1.0 English

Stick man fights in World War I

Major Mayhem 14 English

Immerse yourself in a frantic action game driven by love

War Commander: Rogue Assault 5.7.0 English

Warfare strategy game in 3D

Warplane Inc. 1.13 English

War game that takes players to air battles of World War II

Yalghaar 3.4 English

Kill the terrorists with a clean shot

Dead Empire: Zombie War 0.33.0 English

War game set in the zombie apocalypse

Noblemen: 1896 English
Noblemen: 1896

Exquisite war game starring a nobleman

War Troops 1917 1.23 English

Strategy game inspired by World War I trench combat

Modern Air Combat 5.5.1 English

Take part in realistic air combat

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon 2.1.1 English

Destroy your enemies in a beastly manner

War Tortoise 2 English
War Tortoise 2

Fantastic shooter with a gigantic turtle and warrior mice

Soldiers Inc 1.26.1 English
Soldiers Inc 1.26.1

Bring justice in this war game of strategy