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You can get behind the controls of a real tank in Armored Aces, an entertaining multiplayer tank combat game inspired by two different historical eras

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Have you ever thought how cool it must be to drive a tank? This fun title brings you the virtual experience for you to enjoy exciting tank battles in the third and first-person.

Choose and improve your tank and leave no one standing

Armored Aces is a multiplayer tank game with realistic 3D graphics. The goal is to choose a tank and join a 6v6 battle.

A very cool detail of this title is that, when you download the APK file, you can select the period in which you want to play: World War II (1939-1945) or the modern era (1955-2018). You will access different tanks since they are inspired by real models.

It is pretty easy to play. Your mission is to shoot and finish all the enemy tanks before you run out of time. You have a virtual joystick, sight, and fire button. You also have several camera points of view, a text chat, and a map with radar.

Choose from over a hundred authentic tanks.

Between battles, you can invest your earnings in parts to improve your vehicles and even buy new tanks. Overall, this is an uncomplicated title that offers a complete experience based on a good technical section.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
i6 Games
6 months ago
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