War Tortoise 2 Android
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War Tortoise 2 is a delirious action and shooting game in which we will take control of a war tortoise armed to the teeth with cannons and other weapons


Fantastic shooter with a gigantic turtle and warrior mice

January 26, 2022
8 / 10

Remember the oliphants from Lord of the Rings? Well, they are nothing compared to this gigantic turtle war controlled by bloodthirsty mice.

A war tortoise to conquer them all

War Tortoise 2 is a wonderful and innovative 3D shooter game in which we will accompany some warrior mice that control a huge war turtle. As delirious as the starting point may sound, this is an outstanding title of those that shut mouths.

Take control of the mighty war turtle, a heavy tank packed with powerful weapons and turrets!

Our mission is to create a large army, get new weapons and improve the turtle's skills to conquer new territories with a clean shot. In our progress through fantastic worlds we will recruit mice and other animals that will join the fight.

The controls are quite simple and intuitive, as the weapons carried by the turtle fire automatically. Our mission is to search for enemies on the stage, aim and manage resources.

Explore a huge world, conquer new lands, recruit units, build defenses, get resources and completely destroy your enemy!

After eliminating each enemy we will get rewards, which will help us to recruit more animal warriors, raise the level of our soldiers or improve weapons. And all this while we face all kinds of creatures and advance through different territories to conquer them.

We are facing an outstanding game with an impressive technical workmanship and a delicious gameplay. And it even has a night and day cycle.

The proposal is not only innovative, original and attractive, but you can tell that it has been developed with great care. To all this is added a magnificent graphics and an epic soundtrack that puts us fully into the mission. Undoubtedly, downloading the APK file is a great idea.

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