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Take charge of your own armed ship in Navy Field, a highly detailed and realistic war game with historical overtones set in the battles of World War II

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This war game for smartphones invites us to immerse ourselves in thrilling naval battles in the midst of World War II. And we will be able to sail with a lot of different warships, such as aircraft carriers, battleships and submarines.

Take part in the historical naval battles of WW2

Navy Field is a war game with historical overtones and elements of strategy inspired by World War II. Our mission will be to control impressive ships and defeat all the enemies that approach our position.

Test all warships, including aircraft carriers, submarines, battleships!

In the games we will control the events from a zenithal perspective in the open sea. And although it may seem simple, we will have to control a lot of aspects to move through the water, accelerate, turn, aim, shoot and locate the threats.

With these controls and the graphics, the developers have tried to offer us a realistic experience. But perhaps they have gone a little overboard with so much detail, since a game has to be, above all, fun.

Once we know how to take the reins of our own army, we can launch ourselves into the conquest of the most famous ports in the world. With this we will be able to sabotage the resources of our rivals and reach out for victory with our fingertips. So strategy also has important weight in this title.

A very cool detail is that we will be able to choose the army we want to play with, among seven available options. And we can even have a male or female captain.

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Laura Stutt
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