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Do you remember that game Battleships and sinking ships with coordinates on paper? Well, it has evolved a fair bit in Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz

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If you like naval battles, this game will surely grab you. Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz throws us onto the high seas, where the mightiest ships and vessels you can imagine will fight it out.

Sail aboard unique ships that took part in the two World Wars.

A customized naval adventure

The main goal of the game is to combat enemy ships and destroy them. To do this, you will have a few touch controls (or the gyroscope on your Android), though at first the basic steering of the ship is not easy. Bit by bit, you will be able to improve your ship's properties, its speed, ability to turn, as well as its health points. You will also be able to change your ship's features, your flag, and weapons (missiles, torpedos, interceptors, etc.).

Meanwhile, history lovers will enjoy captaining legendary battleships from the First and Second World Wars, such as the Bismark, Yamato, or Missouri. Moreover, you will be able to view them in great detail thanks to some very nice 3D graphics.

And there is one more incentive to play this game. Your troops will be able to fight by day, by night, in the rain or in the snow. You have a whole world of water to explore, at the helm of your ship, Captain, sir.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Over a year ago
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