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MPlayer is a light multimedia player compatible with a large amount of formats. Enjoy all your films on your computer by downloading MPlayer free of charge


A lightweight player compatible with the majority of formats

November 18, 2009
9 / 10

Windows includes a default media player that we can use to enjoy our music, video, and films, but it has one major flaw, it requires a lot of system resources, making it practically impossible to leave other processes finishing in the background, like burning a CD/DVD or transcoding a series of files, while we use the media player.

Lightweight and versatile multimedia player

If you're looking for a media player that is as light as possible, but at the same time offers us compatibility with all the current formats, you can try MPlayer. This application is compatible with MPEG, VOB, AVI, OGG/OGM, VIVO, ASF/WMA/WMV, QT/MOV/MP4, FLI, RM, NuppelVideo, yuv4mpeg, FILM, and Matroska, as well as VCD, SVCD, DVD, and Blu-ray. It also offers support for any codec you've installed on your computer and more than 10 different types of subtitles.

MPlayer doesn't have a GUI and is controlled from the command line using the keyboard, so it is highly recommendable to take a look at the help file (that is included) before launching the application.

Another thing that works in this application's favor is that is doesn't require installation, so all you have to do is extract the ZIP file that contains the software, launch it and start watching your favorite films in a matter of seconds.

Leticia Sorivella

My name is Leticia. I really like movies, television, and music. That is why I studied Audiovisual Communication. In the beginning, I wanted to work in movies, but I ended up on television. Then, I went from being behind the cameras to being in...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel