No Mario's Sky

Play with Mario Bros. at the new platform game No Mario's Sky, a mashup of the controversial No Man's Sky and have fun exploring endless colorful planets

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After years of development, the new No Man's Sky is definitely disappointing plenty of players out there. However, taking its idea as a basis, a team of developers has managed to create a new Mario video game in just 72 hours: No Mario's Sky.

It's an exploration mashup with the famous Nintendo plumber as the main character that generates itself as the player advances along the map, just like in No Man's Sky.

Enjoy endless levels with Mario.

Mario, Goombas, coins and a spacecraft

Just like all classic Mario Bros. video games, No Mario's Sky is a 2D platform game in which our only target is to advance from level to level, collecting all the coins on our ways and killing all our enemies by jumping on top of them.

However, as couldn't be otherwise, this Mario won't only travel by foot, but can also make use of a spaceship to move around. Furthermore, the settings aren't the usual ones either, as the player will gradually discover different colorful planets spread all over the universe.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
ASMB Games
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