Take on the role of an octopus that has to complete human tasks. Download Octodad for free and avoid your human family discovering what you are really like

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If you were an octopus you may have discovered how difficult it is to maintain a human lifestyle with your animal features. The fact that you have tentacles where you should have hands and feet make things rather difficult, just as you will find out in Octodad.

  Octodad is a third person game that will place you in the role of a father. You will have to help him to fulfil the common household tasks and to look after his wife and son, that are both human, without letting them know your real animal identity.

  The difficulty that any octopus may encounter when it comes to integrating into a human life will be your biggest handicap when you try to advance along the game. Your environment will no longer be a rock or sub-aquatic cave, instead it will be a house with all the work that this implies, especially when you have no bones in your body.

  With the mouse and keys A and D you'll be able to move the character, that has logically got problems when moving around due to his body. Try to make sure that nobody in the family realizes he's really and octopus due to his clumsiness!

  By downloading Octodad for free you'll be able to play an innovating game that doesn't cover any of the existing canons in what refers to video games. Become an octopus and make sure that nobody discovers you while fulfilling humans tasks.
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