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OsiriX is a DICOM viewer for macOS aimed at doctors and sanitary personnel. It's an image viewer for medical use backed by several different organizations

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If you're a doctor that likes to make the most of new technologies, adapting them to your work, here's a great DICOM viewer to see medical images and make your job easier when it comes to viewing this kind of image, especially if you're a fan of Apple products. Because there's also a version available for iPhone and iPad.

Great performance with an interactive and intuitive user interface.

Since these applications are used to be able to view certain parts of our body very clearly, the application is compatible with retina displays and new iMacs with a 5K display, so that you don't miss out any internal details of your patients. Unfortunately, it's only compatible with Mac OS X, so forget about using it if you're a Windows or Linux user as it's exclusive to computers made at Cupertino.

It offers advanced post-processing techniques in 2D and 3D.

Free or trial version?

This is where the drawbacks of OsiriX start to kick in. Since it's an application only for doctors, and these guys earn quite a lot of money, it's obviously not for free, although there is a lite or trial version.

It's compatible with 64-bit architectures to make the most of the performance of modern processors.

The price for an individual license for a single computer adds up to almost 800€. The latter allows you to access updates only for the first year. To the latter, you can also add a premium subscription that costs about 110€ a year. And don't forget the manual, that costs over 100€ as well. This guide book can be in a physical or digital format, and you'll find a link that redirects you to Blurb where you can purchase it as a standalone. As you can imagine, the iOS version for iPhone and iPad isn't free either. You can download it from the App Store for just over 50€.

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