In Owlboy you play the role of Otus, a small owl-boy that has to save the floating city in which he lives. Download Owlboy, a platform adventure game


Dominate the art of flying and save Vellie

August 25, 2011
6 / 10

Do you like adventures? Well Owlboy is loaded with plenty of adventures. This addictive game will place you in the role of Otus, a small owl that lives in a singular floating city called Vellie. But the peace in the city is altered by the attack of a group of air pirates that really start bothering all the population.

Otus will be in charge of protecting his city by moving along a large map with a whole collection of platforms that he will have to overcome. To do so, you will have to analyze every tiny area of the setting in search for elements that will help you out, at the same time that you explore dungeons and eliminate the enemies that are protecting them...


  • Runner-up in the Independent Game Festival thanks to its graphics.
  • A 2D fantasy world with incredible sprite drawings.
  • Extensive map with many areas to explore and dungeons to overcome.
  • Eliminate all the big bosses that will try to stop you.
  • Incredible story.
  • Fulfill Otus' destiny by completing the main mission, as well as finishing the side stories that will help you in your attempt.

Find the time machine and avoid another pirate raid.

Dominate flying

Otus, as an owl, is capable of flying. The key to his success lies in his skill when it comes to flying, which he will have to do to be able to defeat all kinds of fantastic creatures.

You will be able to control Otus both with the keyboard as well as the mouse. You will have to learn to dominate each technique if you want to reach the more difficult levels of the game, but hopefully you won't have too many problems, because the system is rather intuitive.

Download Owlboy, use all your courage and help Otus to save the city.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo has certain limitations.
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