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PCSX2 is one of the best PlayStation2 emulators available on the market. Enjoy your favorite PlayStation 2 games thanks to the free emulation of PCSX2

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The Sony PlayStation2 console meant, without a doubt, a revolution in the world of video games consoles when it was launched on the market. But nowadays it has been replaced by other more modern game consoles, even though it may happen that you want to play one of these games again, something that you can easily do with PCSX2.

The PlayStation 2 emulator for Linux

One of the biggest problems about Linux is that it hardly has any games with good graphics, despite the fact that modern day computers have more than enough power. That is why it isn't at all strange for PCSX2 to have such success among the users of these operating systems, because it allows to play at excellent games without further problems.

The configuration of PCSX2 is relatively simple, including a general default configuration, and if you want to try to configure the most advanced you can always visit the application's website where you'll find tutorials and guides which will help you out.

Furthermore, PCSX2 is totally compatible with the majority of gamepads designed for the prestigious game console for the video game consoles by Sony.

Download PCSX2 for free to be able to play once again classic games like Tekken 4 or Gran Turismo 4.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It may require the installation of several libraries.
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