Penumbra: Overture

Penumbra: Overture will take us to a mysterious mine in Greenland where we'll discover strange creatures and find ourselves deep into troubling situations


The first title in the Penumbra saga

October 30, 2015
8 / 10

The first game of the Penumbra series that appeared back in 2007 was Penumbra: Overture. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it didn't come with gloomy environments or settings, but it took us to situations in which it was our own skill that had to help us overcome our problems.

A mysterious journey to Greenland

Everything begins when Philip receives a strange letter from his father who he believed was dead. He starts off on his quest following certain clues until he arrives in Greenland, where he'll have to descend to a mysterious mine to investigate. There he'll discover that it¡s dwelled by an ecosystem of abnormally large animals, as well as signs of a secret society.

Logic and skill will be your best allies.

While you play you'll have to face a unique physics system that will allow you to fully interact with your surroundings. A vast amount of the settings' elements are interactive and everything is presented with great graphical and narrative details.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a pay-to-play game.
  • You have to purchase it through Steam which is also included in the download.
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