Pirate Princess

Restore the honor of your sailor father in Pirate Princess. Take control of a pirate ship after you download Pirate Princess, a text adventure for your PC


Become the queen of the seas

February 18, 2010
5 / 10

Recover your father's honor in this twisted adventure of pirates and buccaneers. In Pirate Princess, you are the captain of a boat that roams the Caribbean, an area infested with pirates. There you will have to advance in this adventure by facing sailors and courtesans until you manage to restore your father's name.

Pirate game for PC

The game is a word game, similar to Bookworm Adventures, in which you will have to advance in the story by facing your enemies in word confrontations, where you will have to prove your vocabulary skills. The interface is set in the world of boats, with many ropes, nets and small wooden details. The method is very simple: write words correctly to advance in the game.

In Pirate Princess you will have to ransack the boats that you come across to obtain money, by means of simple games, but be careful who you rob. In a sea full of pirate ships it might not be worth the while to gain more enemies. Therefore, it may be more useful to purchase and sell goods.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo version has certain limitations.
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