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Pixel Match 3D is a puzzle game which involves a good deal of symmetrical thinking in order to match the paper shape that we are given in each level


Match the pixelated shape

January 19, 2022
7 / 10

Pixel Match 3D is a puzzle game with very interesting gameplay: you have to reproduce the shape that you are given and will have to do so by using symmetrical thinking. Imagine folding a piece of paper and cutting out bits of it so that when unfolded it matches the given design in every way.

The pixels make it easier

Large pixels make it easier to shape the folded paper because we will be able to have the point of reference in the grid in order to match the design that we have been given. Once we think that we have managed it, we simply unfold the piece of paper and see if it matches. If we have been able to exactly match the model, we will get maximum points.

The game features dozens of levels and each gets tougher because the level of difficulty is progressive. It is a very interesting game in that it involves searching for another way of approaching a problem while cutting a piece of paper and working out what it will look like once unfolded.

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