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Poly Craft is an addictive puzzle game where we have to match pairs of animals from the mainboard and send them to the top bar without filling it up

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Were you looking for a challenging puzzle game with a new twist? Then it is time you tried Poly Craft, a game inspired by the classic match-2 games but that takes it up a notch.

Find the pairs of animals and plants and clear them

Each level in the game presents us with the following scenario: a mainboard, which can be of different levels, with animal and plant tiles, and a top bar where we will send each of the tiles from the mainboard when we touch them. The goal is to send any of the tiles to the top bar and immediately send the matching tile. When we do this the matching tiles will be cleared leaving space free in both panels. You have to avoid filling up the top bar because if it gets full the match is over.

The game offers us dozens and dozens of levels with this simple but extremely addictive gameplay, which will get progressively more challenging: as we advance things will get trickier, the panels will get larger, and we will have to think more carefully about how to clear them.

It is certainly a worthwhile game for doing a bit of thinking and having fun at any time.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Spearmint Games
Last week
26.5 MB

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