Quake 4

Quake 4 offers you all kinds of weapons so that you can defeat all your enemies. Download Quake 4 to your computer and sharpen your aim in this adventure

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Quake 4 is the sequel to Quake II (because the third instalment was a multiplayer parenthesis) in which the war against the Stroggs is still the main issue. We will play the role of the marine, Matthew Kane, member of the Rhino Squadron that has to insure the capture of planet Stroggos. On which a new Makron is being built, the dreadful enemy that we faced in earlier instalments.

  Unfortunately, the ship that takes us to Stroggos is shot down, and at the crash site, between dead colleges and the wreck of this ship, is where Quake 4 begins. We will have quite a few weapons to win the battle, from the renowned Blaster, machine guns, grenade launcher and even Strogg weapons. We will also have the chance to drive more than half a dozen different vehicles.

  The graphic level offered by Quake 4 is sublime and these graphics were a real revolution when the game was launched. It uses the Doom 3 graphic engine, the behavior of which, both in interiors and exteriors, and specially, creating shades, is very good. Furthermore, the power offered by the majority of computers nowadays is a lot higher than what this game offers, so it's possible to play it on almost any PC.
Id Software
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