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Rescue Cut is a puzzle game for Android which involves freeing someone who is tied up by cutting the rope in the right way so that the character doesn't die


A puzzle game based on cutting ropes

December 3, 2021
7 / 10

If you enjoy puzzle and logic games you may want to give Rescue Cut a go. It is a game where you will have to solve the puzzle by cutting ropes in order to rescue the character while making sure he doesn't die.

Free the man by cutting the rope

In each level you will see a man hanging by a rope. You will have to cut it by swiping your finger over it so that he falls, unties himself, and can escape through the door. While the early levels are pretty easy, as you progress other problems will arise.

This increasing difficulty is to be found in situations where there is more than one rope restraining the victim and, depending on which one you cut first, he may fall onto a board of spikes and die. You will also encounter moving items that will make your task even more difficult.

Put your logical reasoning skills to the test while having fun throughout dozens of levels by downloading this game to your mobile.

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