Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die!

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Download Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die! free, a new adventure of these incredible detectives. Entertainment is assured in Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die!


Investigate the strange things that are happening in the White House

September 21, 2010
7 / 10

Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die! is the fourth installment of the episodes that tell the last adventures of the most entertaining video game detectives. Sam & Max are two detectives that use techniques that aren't normally very orthodox.

In Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die!, the two partners have to investigate some strange incidents that have taken place in the White House. It seems like the president has been hypnotized and that is something that Sam & Max can't allow.

Sam and Max travel to the White House

As always, in Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die! we will live great adventures, entertaining situations and we will have to interact with the most bizarre characters. Making this graphic adventure one of the most entertaining.

The adventures of Sam & Max started way back in 1993 and have evolved both in graphic quality as well as in entertainment, with Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln must die! is one of the latest launched about this entertaining duo.

The game mechanic is identical to the classic graphic adventures. It is necessary to speak with all kinds of characters, choose the conversations that we are going to have properly, complete puzzles, use objects,...

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