Sam & Max: Culture Shock

Sam & Max: Culture Shock is an entertaining graphic adventure in which you will have to help these peculiar detectives to solve a new rather difficult case


Sam and Max are back with this another great graphic adventure

October 20, 2009
6 / 10

Sam & Max are, without any doubt, two mythic characters from the history of graphic adventures for PC, because they were the main characters of some of the most popular games of the golden years of this video game genre, contributing with a good dose of humor to each one of their stories.

They are now back on our screens to star in a saga of video games, that will be divided into different chapters, a lot more entertaining and original than before, as well as having a completely renewed appearance.

Sam & Max: Culture Shock has us back in the office of these private investigators awaiting the call that will make them start working on a new case. On this occasion they will have to follow the tracks of the Soda Poppers, some wonder kinds from television that have been causing havoc around the city under the lead of Brady Culture.

We will have to recover the clues from each one of the scenes and try to stop this series of loutish acts as soon as possible.

Download the demo of Sam & Max: Culture Shock and enjoy the beginning of the graphic adventure.

Leticia Sorivella

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