Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa

Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa is a game in which you will have to help a dog and a rabbit that are detective to avoid that Christmas disappears for ever


Avoid that Santa Klaus destroys Christmas

December 3, 2010
7 / 10

Christmas is one of the most important celebrations worldwide, and due to that, if it is in danger, you will have to do everything that is in your hands to save it. As if it were a Christmas story, the most popular dog and rabbit of video game history will have to face Santa Klaus to avoid that he rebels against humanity and causes chaos.

Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa is a graphic adventure in which you have to make use of your intelligence to find out what has happened to Mr. Klaus to make him so furious and solve it, avoiding ending up dead.

This game's graphics are outstanding, specially if you like graphic adventures from the 90's. Each of the scenes has a comic aspect and the controls are still very simple, you will only need the mouse to control everything.

Help this pair of peculiar detectives to save Christmas, solving all the mysteries that you encounter in Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa, one of the most entertaining chapters of the oldest series of graphic adventures.

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