Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues

Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues is an entertaining graphic adventure in which the detectives will have to stop the eruption of a volcano during their holidays


Can Sam & Max prevent a volcano from erupting?

February 15, 2010
6 / 10

The most famous detectives of the gaming world are back. Sam & Max are on holiday, but this won't avoid them from facing yet another adventure. While the two detective are enjoying the tropical heat, they will have to resolve the riddle that they face in Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues, when they have to investigate and stop the massive eruptions of a volcano. As always with their special sense of humor, while facing the hundreds of different situations that they will have to overcome to manage their objective.

With the characteristic use of extreme (yet at the same time hilarious) violence to solve their investigations, Sam & Max surprise us yet again in this instalment in which the dog and the rabbit have to solve the mystery behind the volcano eruptions that have interrupted their vacation. Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues is a game that we will entertain us from the beginning to the end.

This is one of the episodes that the original developer has published through Telltale Games after LucasArts decided not to continue publishing the original series and the license expired, so those nostalgic gamers that remember Sam & Max will be able to recover the essence behind these great titles thanks to Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues.

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