Sam & Max: The Penal Zone

Sam & Max: The Penal Zone is an entertaining graphic adventure in which you will have to help these two detectives to find a runaway space gorilla


Make sure that General Skun-Ka'pe goes back to prison

June 7, 2010
9 / 10

Sam & Max is one of the most productive franchises in the history of graphic adventures because it has been offering its players decades of curious puzzles to solve, using humor as the story's main plot. After two seasons chasing the worst bad guys on the planet, we have reached the beginning of a third one in which we will have to come up with incredible ideas to stop the worst villains in the galaxy.

Enjoy the new adventures of these peculiar detectives

In Sam & Max: The Penal Zone we will have the opportunity to take control of Max, we will discover new options to control both characters and we will find an improved graphic environment, that provides the characters as well as the scenarios with a detail level that is a lot higher than in games from previous seasons.

The objective in this installment will be to face evil General Skun-Ka'pe, a space gorilla that has escaped from the high-security prison in which he was held captive.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo allows us to enjoy a small part of the first chapter of these adventures.
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