In the game Shardlight we'll initiate a crusade, the final objective of which is to help all the ill and dying people to access water, food and medicine

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Point-and-click graphical adventures starred by pixellated characters as in the case of The Secret of Monkey Island I and II, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Maniac Mansion, Sam & Max or Day of The Tentacle, to name just a few of them, are nostalgically remembered by gamers in their thirties. Shardlight is a game inspired on the latter and developed by a British indie studio.

A graphical adventure from yesteryear

In this classic graphical adventure for Windows, we'll set off on an adventure in which we'll find a world devastated by bombs. Hunger, diseases and death will be usual elements.

The natural resources are controlled by an oligarchy known as the Aristocrats, which we'll have to face up against to make sure that people have access to food, medicine and water. For such purpose, we'll take on the role of Amy Wellard, a government officer willing to fight against her fears and superstitions, even if that costs her life.

A story that takes place in a world that is trying to recover from a great catastrophe.

The truth is that this graphical adventure is so classic that even the requirements seem to be from yesteryear: it runs on Pentium at 700 MHz and 64 MB of RAM. It couldn't be any easier...

Wadjet Eye Games
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3 months ago
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