Slam Soccer

2006 1.0.3

Enjoy exceptional football games with the Slam Soccer football game, a title full of humor and carefree sport. Download Slam Soccer to your PC for free

8/10 (2 Votes)
We can find many football simulators on the market, from the classic FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer where we can control all the team on the pitch, to titles like Football Manager, in which we will manage every aspect of the club (from signing players to choosing the tactics and starting eleven).

Slam Soccer offers us an alternative that is a lot less serious than other football titles that are generally published, with a graphic appearance that is similar to that of comic drawings and applying some humorous effects to many of the players of each team, because some will play wearing costumes or will try to trip up the ref as soon as they have the chance.

  The game will allow us to choose between 80 national teams, 20 stadiums and 10 meteorological effects to play the matches. It includes four different playing modes: Friendly, World Cup, Quick Play and Career.

  If you're looking for a football game in which tactics and technique with the gamepad aren't so important, and that focuses more in having a good time, you'll really like Slam Soccer.
Xenoage Software
Over a year ago
3 months ago
90.3 MB

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