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Become a sniper, shoot people in the head, get different weapons and level up as you perform missions in Sniper Honor, an app for your Android device


Shooting game with realistic snipers environment

August 31, 2022
7 / 10

This creation by 707 Interactive is a first-person shooter action game where we will get into the skin of a sniper. To play Sniper Honor, we will have to face several missions that will trigger our adrenaline. Take out the mafia, eliminate criminal gangsters and shred zombies, among other bloody things.

Pick up the sniper rifles you find and experience the cold-blooded career of a professional killer in this free 3D shooting game!

Aim for your target and shoot

To play this game, we must shoot our targets with different real weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, and pistols. To do this we must follow these steps:

  • Slide your finger over the screen and aim at the target.
  • Adjust the zoom of the telescopic sight.
  • Aim and tap the screen to shoot.

We will have to shoot both, static and moving targets. To take out moving targets, we can use the technique of holding our breath or injecting adrenaline to reduce our perception of time.

This is a game with a great and realistic 3D environment. Also, it offers us a lot of different weapons and the possibility of upgrading them with the rewards we get in our missions.

It also includes several game modes and a variety of missions to challenge your temperance and killer skills. But it is so realistic that it is moderately violent and does not censor blood, so those who are particularly sensitive are warned.

Requirements and additional information:

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