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Soccar is an original game in which you will have to play football on board a car. Download Soccar and win the match by scoring more goals with your car


Play football with powerful cars

December 1, 2009
6 / 10

The users that use their computer to play are used to seeing titles like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA when we speak about football, or franchises like Need for Speed when speaking about car racing, but up to now there wasn't a game that mixed the world of car racing with the most important sport in the world, football, but now we have Soccar.

Cars and soccer, all in one

In this peculiar game, we won't control a player trying to score goals in the opposing goal, we'll actually control a car that has to push a giant ball along the playing field to try and score more goals than the rival team.

Soccar's controls are very simple, so we'll soon be able to play well enough to be able to test our skills against other players over the Internet.

One of the game's worst aspects is the graphic appearance, which won't be eye-catching, to say the least, but it makes Soccar a game that we can enjoy without having to have a brand new graphic card.

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