Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch will place you in the role of these two famous TV policemen. Take part in car chases like those that appeared in the original TV show

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In the 70's there were many TV shows about cops, and if any of them were to be really considered as a cult series, it has to be Starsky & Hutch, in which a blond and a dark haired cop moved around the fictional Californian city of Bay City (San Francisco) driving a red Ford Gran Torino.

Relive the adventures of Starsky & Hutch!

Chasing the bad guys in their bright red car was one of the most important parts of the series, just as it will be in the game. In Starsky & Hutch you will have to take part in chases at the same time that you accomplish certain objectives.

To be able to provide the player with a score, in Starsky & Hutch a system called "Audience Rating" was introduced, which penalized the player that committed an infraction (knocking down or shooting pedestrians, jumping traffic signals...) and rewarded the player that gathered certain objects.

Relive the adventures of Starsky & Hutch throughout the first three seasons of the television show thanks to this incredible game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo only allows you to play a single playing mode and a limited amount of episodes.
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