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Take part in a super crazy obstacle course in Take Them Off, an interesting and peculiar game where you must shave the characters to make them "handsome"


Remove the character's hair on the run

January 18, 2023
6 / 10

The developers from Supersonic Studios must have some kind of problem with body hair, because in this title they make it the character's number one enemy. Only you can help them get rid of the hair and be able to flirt with their crush.

Hair is also beautiful

If there is one defining feature of the mobile games catalog is that it is challenging to classify proposals. One of these hard to lable titles is Take Them Off, a 3D obstacle course game where you will have to help the characters shave their hair off without stopping.

The games development is divided into different parts. First, you need to control the character while they advance automatically. Your mission is to move the boy or girl sideways and dodge hairs and traps, as well as collect depilatory cream and other items marked in green.

In this game, you will experience the fun of hair removal.

As the hair comes off, the characters will start to walk straighter, smell nice, and look more handsome. The better the race, the more points you get. These points can be exchanged for furniture to decorate a house.

As you move forward, in addition to unlocking new characters, you also have the opportunity to flirt with other characters and discover a whole love story. In addition, sometimes you will also have to run razor in hand to shave a hairy leg.

The result is an extravagant experience to be taken with humor. Leaving aside the perplexity of stale stereotypes, downloading the APK file will help you have a fun time and maybe even bring a smile to your face.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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