TeXnicCenter is an excellent solution to create documents in LaTeX. Download TeXnicCenter and improve the productivity when it comes to writing texts

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To create all kinds of documents and, specially, those with scientific or technical contents, users can make use of LaTeX. It's a text composition system that makes use of macros and scripts to make this task much easier.

  TeXnicCenter is an integrated document creation environment for LaTeX on the Windows operating systems. It is a simple text editor that integrates perfectly with various functions to create, view or print documents in LaTeX.

  This kind of applications is different from the rest of modern day processors that use WYSIWYG, like Microsoft Word, that allow you to concentrate on writing the document leaving aside the task of giving format to the texts, something that is done directly in LaTeX by means of markup commands.

  From its modern and complete interface, TeXnicCenter offers all the functions that the followers of LaTeX may need. Furthermore, it's customizable to be adapted to each user's needs.
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