The Fellowship of the Ring

Download The Fellowship of the Ring, the game based on the first instalment of the famous trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". You will surely enjoy it

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The Fellowship of the Ring is the game based on the first book of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, the most read trilogy of all times, on which Peter Jackson based his films. Logically, the story should be well known by the followers of fantasy literature and cinema world wide.

  The game offers you the best possible option, to enter the story as if you were one of the main characters, and to live it. In the game you will be able to view a faithful recreation of the all the areas that Frodo and the other hobbits travel through, starting with the Shire and passing through each and every one of the other main locations, like Rivendell, Lothlorien or Moria.

  So as to avoid being a simple playable version of The Fellowship of the Ring, the developers have added dialogs, enemies and various situations that vary somewhat the story.

  With regard to the weapons, the truth is that despite the fact that each character has his/her own, they aren't very spectacular, including the magic by Gandalf or the rudimentary tools used by Frodo before Bilbo gives him Sting. On the other hand, what's more, the players have noticed that the enemies lack some intelligence, so it is very easy to dodge them and then beat them with a minimum amount of tactics.

  As in any game based on a literary and movie license, the story is faithful, and if you like this kind of game, you will surely enjoy The Fellowship of the Rings on your PC, with the added possibility to fight against the hordes from Mordor in Middle-Earth.
Requirements and additional information:
The game doesn't work on Windows 7. The demo allows you to play the initial levels of the game.
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128.9 MB

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