The Princess Bride Game

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In The Princess Bride Game you are going to have a good time with the games it offers you. Download The Princess Bride Game and help Buttercup and Westley


Have a good time with Westley and Princess Buttercup

September 30, 2010
7 / 10

The Princess Bride Game is an entertaining video game based on the famous novel and film of the same name. By means of entertaining games, you will have to help Buttercup and Westley to live on a farm, to defeat evil villains, to survive the Fire Swamp, invent miracle remedies, or defeat the evil prince.

The game based on one of the best movies of all time

The game starts from a map where you will be able to choose which chapter you want to play. There are five chapters available: As you Wish, Battle of the Wits, The Fire Swamp, Miracle Max and Storming the Castle. In each episode you will be able to play different games that will unblock as you advance. There are five different kinds of game, for example, you will have to gather carrots for Buttercup, locate objects in a room, or answer the questions and riddles that you are asked.

If you liked the film and the novel, you'll surely have a good time playing The Princess Bride Game, discovering all the episodes and solving all the tests that you come across.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Only runs on Windows XP.
  • The demo only allows you to play for 30 minutes.
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