True Fear: Forsaken Souls

Collector's Edition
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In True Fear: Forsaken Souls you'll investigate your family's hidden past secret. True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition includes extra material


Unveil the mystery hidden by your family

March 4, 2014
8 / 10

Movies and literature are two genres that have gone beyond the video game borders, being able to adapt them to their environment and present them in a convincing manner. True Fear: Forsaken Souls is an adventure game in which we'll come across a psychological thriller worthy of the best movie or book, where we have to get to the bottom of the mystery unveiled by a strange nighttime visitor.

Discover the mystery revealed by the strange midnight visitor.

What's included in True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition

  • Discover more secrets in the bonus game.
  • Integrated walkthrough.
  • Downloadable screensavers and soundtrack.
  • Wallpapers and concept art relative to the game.

A terrifying point and click adventure

To find out what your past hides in True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition, you'll have to make way in a point and click graphic adventure with very well-cared graphics. We're going to come across hair-rasing settings with which we can interact to solve all the puzzles and brainteasers posed. Without a doubt, a great option for all gamers looking for a title full of mystery and terror, that will definitely send shivers down your spine.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
  • The demo allows you to play for sixty minutes.
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