uView Player

uView Player lets you play videos on a floating window, both from the Internet and your computer, and tune in to hundreds of online radio stations


Play videos in a floating window while playing games or browsing the web

January 27, 2023
7 / 10

The downside of video sites such as YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok is that they do not let us watch videos while doing other things unless we choose to adjust the size of the windows or split the screen. uView Player solves this problem by allowing us to open videos on independent floating windows.

Floating window video playback to help you multitask

The main function of this tool is video playback in a floating window. This software allows us to adjust the size, position, and transparency of this window, so we can do other things like playing games or browsing the Internet while keeping an eye on the video we want to watch. To do this, we have to paste the link in the search box, and the program will do the rest. It also allows us to load the video from our computer if we have it downloaded.

But its functions are not limited to this: it lets users share the videos they play with their contacts and play online radio stations. There are hundreds of them, and you can search by name and refine the search by filtering by country and genre.

These are the main features of uView Player Lite:

  • Floating screen video playback.
  • Possibility to configure different aspects of the playback window, such as its size or position on the screen.
  • Easy sharing of videos with others.
  • Access to hundreds of online radio stations from all over the world with an advanced search engine to filter them.
  • Compatible with local files and video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Disney Plus, Facebook, Prime Video, and more.
  • Integration with the context menu.

An interesting feature offered by this software is that it is not strictly necessary to copy and paste the URL of a video every time you want to play it: it integrates into the context menu so that by right-clicking on it and selecting the option, you can make uView play it.

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